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This website is intended to help newcomers to emulation programming understand the logic behind making an emulator. As you can see from my development blog I am no emulation expert but hopefully beginners should find a lot of useful material here. The idea of this website is to break down the system I am working on and decide the best way to emulate each part. My completed emulators also have their own section of the website so you can look back at the troubles I had emulating the system and how I succeeded. Although I try to teach programming logic this is not a general programming site, so you will need to know at least one programming language. All examples on this site including the source code are in C++. Im not gonna post the source code for all my emulators just some.

Please note: I do not host copyrighted Roms on this website and I never will, so please dont ask.

Update: 8th September 2014

I have released v1.0 of my emulator including source which you can download from the MegaDrive section above.

Update: 24th February 2014

I have restored the old site so everything is back online. Thanks to DKParrott from ngemu for sending me a mirror he made of the site. I have changed webhost so I shouldn't suffer the same problems again. The more observant of you will notice that I have removed the Zuko pages and replaced them with N64 pages. I will be continuing work on my mega drive emulator over the next few weeks and will then write the tutorials when complete.